A black bitumen star picket on the ground with detail of head part.

Y Post (Star Pickets)

Sinodiamond® star pickets (Y post, Y pickets, black pickets) are used for farm field fence to secure livestock and keep predators out, popular in Australia.

A detail of studs, T cross section and foot plate

Studded T Post (USA style)

Studded T Posts with spades and studs are widely used for farm fences and field fence, in vineyards or gardens to fix grapes and other plants.

Yellow pigtail posts are installed in the grassland with tapes in the insulator.

Pigtail Post

Pigtail post with high quality galvanized spring steel material and lightweight body is widely used in the farms and pasture for caw or sheep rearing.

A double foot electric fence post on the table.

Electric Fence Post

Electric fence post with UV resistant material and durable life is widely used in the farms, gardens and other sites for security.

A cross section of hot dipped galvanized vineyard post.

Vineyard Post

Vineyard post with hot dipped or PVC coating anti-corrosion and bright surface is widely used in vineyard and orchard to ensure grape and fruit healthy and normal growth.

three green PVC coated L post

T & L Post (Euro style)

T & L posts with consisting holes can hold the fences firmly and attach wire easily. It is widely used to secure fences and fix plants in most Euro countries.

bundles of galvanized Y post with teeth

Y Post With Teeth

Y post with teeth provides an easy way to holding fences firmly. Its elegant appearance and high quality make it a necessary hardware to Middle East countries.

A plate is installed on the Green color U post.

U Post

U posts with or without spade for securing fences, fixing plants and support traffic sighs, are widely used in USA owing to its high quality and durability.

A galvanized U channel sign post with green guide board on the road.

Steel Sign Post

Steel sign post, including U channel sign post, square and round sign post can support guidance, warning and advertisement boards on roadside, park and highway.

a part of fence fixed with green PVC coated round posts

Round Post

Round post can be used to hold fences of railways, prisons, and airports, etc. Various sizes and shapes are available and custom types are accepted.

a galvanized square post with flange post

Square Post

Square post, a good device for supporting wire mesh fences, are easy and convenient to be installed with superior quality and high durability.

three PVC coated peach shape posts without flange plate

Peach Shape Post

Peach shape posts with fashion design are durable and well-constructed for decades of sitting up outdoors. Any color and sizes are available.

An orange, a red and a green post drivers on the ground.

Post Driver and Post Puller

Post driver and post puller make steel fence posts install and remove easy, fast and efficient. Suitable for star-shaped pickets and studded T post and others.

plants fixed by many galvanized special round post

Special Shape Post

Our company not only supplies traditional Sinodiamond star-shaped pickets, but also provides D shape, special round, sigma shape and Y shape posts.

Several Post accessories on the table.

Post Accessory

Post cap and clip are important to posts' installation and maintenance. Please provide your posts' size and shape, and then we can pick up the right one for you.

There is a double twist barbed wire.

Barbed Wire

Carbon steel barbed wires with sharp barbs have high strength, rigidity and and they are widely used in plantations and pastures to protect plants and livestock.

A black chain link fence with a thick horizontal rail and a vertical post.

Chain Link Fence

Galvanized and PVC chain link fence is anti-corrosion and rust, widely used in farms, gardens, ranches and plantations for horse, goat, deer and cattle fencing.

There is a fixed knot field fence in close distance.

Field Fence

Galvanized steel field fence is anti-corrosion and abrasion. Due to firm structure and high strength, field fence is used to protect horse, cow, goat, deer and some plants.

A hexagonal wire mesh and field fencing with wooden posts protects the trees and there are so many fallen leaves on the ground.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Fence

Hexagonal wire mesh is made of carbon or stainless steel. With high strength and anti-corrosion, hexagonal wire fence is widely used in the ranches or plantations.

There is a welded cattle fence with several rough posts and horizontal rails on the grassland.

Welded Cattle Fence

Galvanized or PVC coated welded cattle fence is made from carbon or stainless steel. With high flexibility and strength, cattle fence is widely used in farms and ranches.