• Studded T posts with red top and green body are securing barbed wire in fields.
  • Four cows is in the area enclosed by the star pickets and barbed wire.
  • Several sheep on the grassland area, which is enclosed by electric fence post and wires.

HEBEI JINSH Star Picket Is Essential in Fences Holding

HEBEI JINSH star picket, also known as T post, Y post, is a kind of metal fence post, which is made of low carbon steel, or sometimes rail steel. They got their names due to the shape of cross sections including three-pointed star shape, T shape, Peach shape and other various shapes.

Along the post, there are numbers of stubs for preventing the fencing wire sliding up and down, or consisting holes for either letting the wire thread through or fixing boards with bolts. Meanwhile the diameters and spacing of holes can be customized.

They can be widely used to support various types of wire mesh and fences such as agricultural fencing, temporary fencing, pet fences, etc. Additionally, it can be used to fix plants, support sing boards, thereby, it is multifunctional.

Generally, studded T posts are widely used in the United States, Y posts are favorable in Australian and New Zealand, but Y posts with teeth are widely welcomed by residents from Middle East countries.

What is superior to competitors?
High tensile strength. Q235 material supplies high strength and unyielding.
Low lead content. Black bitumen has only 0.02% lead content, which is passing through SGS test.
Environmental protection. All the production lines are reaching national standard and will not pollute surrounding environments.
Low tolerance. 3% low tolerance is superior to 5% tolerance of other competitors.
International standard. All the products are accord with ASTM A702 and ISO 9001 standards.
Best service. 20 years professional experiences can choose the best for you as well as customize your own post according to your requirements.
Several different types of wire fence post, including star picket,studded T post, U post, L post and T post.

Why the products are popular?

  • Various types

    Our company supply studded T post (USA style), T post (Euro style), Y post (Australia style), Y post with teeth, U post, square post, round post, peach post and other shapes of posts. Meanwhile custom orders are welcomed. For providing convenience, we also supply different kinds of post caps and clips corresponding to our products.

If you need advice or have something to inquire, just feel free to contact us now. info@starpickets.com we are looking forward to answering questions you might have.


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