Pigtail Post in Galvanized Steel Material and PVC Coated Insulator

Yellow pigtail posts are installed in the grassland with tapes in the insulator.
PP-01: Pigtail post is widely used in the farms for area partition.

Pigtail post is widely used in the farm and pastures for strip grazing cattle and sheep. It is a simple but functional tools. The installation of pigtail post is easy, which just need step in the soil.

The pigtail post is made of high tensile strength galvanized wire with metal spikes it consists of the galvanized steel body, metal spikes, steps and pigtail insulator. The pigtail insulator is available for different colors, such as white, green, black and other colors can be customized.

Specifications of pigtail post

  • Material: mild steel or spring steel.
  • Curve material: polypropylene.
  • Surface treatment: electric galvanized or hot dipped galvanized.
  • Length: 1 m - 1.1 m.
  • Wire diameter of steel spike: 6.5 mm or 8 mm.
  • Color: white, green, black, yellow, orange or as required.
Yellow color pigtail post with rope on the white background.
PP-02: Yellow color PP pigtail insulator.
Orange color pigtail post with rope on the white background.
PP-03: Orange color PP pigtail insulator.

Features of pigtail post

  • High tensile strength The high quality spring steel is high tensile strength to be used.
  • PVC coated insulator for visibility and safe.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • UV stabilized for effective insulation.
  • Robot welded long pointed foot for easy installation.
A pigtail post with a detail of red color insulator and round bar step details.
PP-04: PP insulator.
PVC coated post body.
Round bar step.
A pigtail post with a detail of white color insulator and flat bar step details.
PP-05: PP insulator.
Galvanized post body.
Flat bar step.
Plastic insulator bottom cap.

Package of pigtail post
The pigtail post is perfect packed to ensure the good condition when you received. The common package type are as follow:

  • 10 pcs/bag, 1100 pcs/wood carton.
  • We can also packed according to your requirements. Logos and labels can be added.
Several pigtail post in the plastic bags.
PP-06: Pigtail post in plastic bag package.
Several plastic bags of pigtail post in the wooden box.
PP-07: Pigtail post in wooden box package.
White head pigtail post are surrounding the farm and a cattle is grazing.
PP-08: Pigtail posts are used for keep cattle in area.

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