Round Post - Cheap but Durable Hardware for Fences

Round post, also a kind of fence post, is widely used and various sizes and shapes are available. It includes post with or without flange plate and side ears. And it also can be bended as customers’ requirements. We also provide caps and clips corresponded to the round posts you wanted.

A white post is fastening the roll top fence.
RP-01: Rain post for better corrosion and rust resistance performance.
A white fence post fastening roll top fence with flange on the ground.
RP-02: Flange for easy installation to the concrete ground.
Several green color round post with hook along the post.
RP-03: Hook type round post for easy fastening barbed wires.
Several green color round post with side ears evenly distributed along the post.
RP-04: Side ear type round post for easy fastening wire mesh fences.
Green PVC coated round posts with side ears and plastic caps on the top.
RP-05: Round posts with side ears for easy installation and post caps on the top.
Several pieces of round posts are buried in the soil.
RP-06: Buried type installation.
Several pieces of green color round post are bolted onto the concrete ground.
RP-07: Bolted type installation.


  • Surface: galvanized or PVC/PE coated.
  • Color: Any color is available.
  • Length: 0.75m - 2.5m depends on your requirements.
  • Diameter: 40mm - 120mm.
  • Thickness: 1-4 mm.
  • Custom shapes and sizes of flange plates and side ears are available.

Airports, factories, prisons, highways, railways and military installation, etc.


  • Easy installation.
  • Waterproof.
  • Anti-rust and corrosion resistant.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable construction helps to withstand the damage from termites, extreme weather, etc.
bundles of galvanized bended round post placed in the storehouse
RP-08: Bended galvanized round post
road fences fixed with green PVC coated round posts
RP-09: Bended round post can be used to fix fences with clips.
a part of fence fixed with green PVC coated round posts
RP-10: Round posts with side ears hold fences easily.
timber fences fixed with galvanized round posts
RP-11: Round post can be used to fix timber fences.

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