Square Post - A Superior Protector to Wire Mesh Fences

a factory fences fixed by green PVC coated square posts
SP-01: PVC coated square post

Square post with or without plate is a hollow pipe device works for holding almost kinds of wire mesh fences, such as barriers of securing highways, railways, and roads. It is made of high grade low carbon steel or rail steel, which makes it durable and can withstand the decades of damage from high wind forces and temperature changes. Zinc coating or PVC coating plays an important part in corrosion and rust resistance. So it also can be used where there is moisture and humidity.

Highways, railways, freeways, road, traffic sign boards, fences of airports, gardens, schools, etc.


  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Elegant appearance.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Anti-rust and corrosion resistant.
  • Can abuse years of abuse in outdoor setting.
  • Weather proof and anti-aging, etc.
cross section of a galvanized square post
SP-02: Square post
cross section of green PVC coated rectangular post
SP-03: Rectangular post

The square post we supply:
It can be divided into two types according to the shape of its cross section: square and rectangular as shown in the following pictures:

The square post can be manufactured with or without flange plate on the basis of the environment and place of your intended application. If you want to install the post on the concrete floor or hard soil which is not easy to be hammered into, you can choose the post with plate and fixed it by bolts. It saves your effort, time even your back with no hammering. But it is not easy for your to make the plate horizontal. So if you want the place the post into loose soils or on a slope, the post without plate is the best choice.

a galvanized square post with flange post
SP-04: Square post with flange plate
a yellow PVC coated square post without flange post
SP-05: Square post without flange plate

As your requirements, square posts with side ears are also available. The shape of side ear and the spacing of holes punched on the post can be made to order.

A bundle of green color square posts with side ears on the ground.
SP-06: Square post with side ears.
a galvanized square post with consisting holes on its four sides
SP-07: Square post with punched holes


Type Size Thickness Finish
Square post 40 × 40 mm 1mm - 2mm Galvanized PVC/PE coated
50 × 50 mm 1mm - 2mm
60 × 60 mm 1mm - 3mm
80 × 80 mm 2mm - 4mm
120 × 120 mm 2mm - 4mm
Rectangular post 40 × 60 mm 1-3 mm
60 × 80 mm 1-4 mm
60 × 120 mm 1-4 mm
some silver galvanized square posts with flange plates placed in the storehouse
SP-08: Galvanized square post with flange plate
some silver galvanized square posts used to hold fences of highways
SP-09: Square post can be used to secure fences of highways
Two square posts are supporting a sign board.
SP-10: Square post can be used to support sign boards.

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