Galvanized square breakaway sign post with Anchor Base

Square sign post used for Signboard.
YP-01:Galvanized Metal Square sign post

Galvanized Steel Square Sign Posts provide a safe breakaway post option and are available in a variety of gauge and length options. They can be used alone or with a square post anchor to form a breakaway system. Perfect for displaying parking, traffic, and property signs.

Hebei Jinshi are professional sign post manufacturer in China. And we are your one-stop-shop for your local distribution and sales in both American and Canada.

  • Signs can be mounted on all four sides.
  • Holes are punched every inch on center on all sides.
  • Resists rotating in winds.
  • Square sign posts are made of galvanized steel to prevent rust.
  • Sign posts must ship by ground transportation.
Square Sign Post Anchor Base and screw , sign post .
YP-02: Full set of square sign post
galvanized steel sign post with different size
YP-03: Different size metal sign post

Galvanized square anchor post used in break away post systems. When installing, drive the anchor post into the ground leaving 1" to 2" above the surface. Slide a 1.75" square post inside this anchor post 6-8 inches down and connect top post to anchor post with a corner bolt.

Galvanized square anchor fixed into soil.
YP-04: Head part galvanized steelA galvanizof star pickets
Fit different sizes of sign posts together according to your desired size
YP-05: Fit different sizes of sign posts together .
Square Sign Post
Hole Diameter:7/16" Hole Space:1"
Tube Size(inch/mm) Thickness(mm) Length(feet/m)
1.75"/44.45 2.0/2.5/2.6 8'/2.44 10'/3.05 12'/3.66
2"/50.8 2.0/2.5/2.6 8'/2.44 10'/3.05 12'/3.66
2.25"/57.2 2.5/2.6 1.5'/0.46 3'/0.91 8'/2.44 10'/3.05 12'/3.66
2.5"/63.5 2.5/2.6 1.5'/0.46 3'/0.91

This video shows the production process of square sign post.

Applications of square sign post:

  • Square sign posts are commonly used in urban areas, suburban settings, and industrial locations to provide clear visual communication for drivers, pedestrians, and other road users. They play a crucial role in maintaining organized traffic flow and enhancing safety by displaying regulatory, warning, guide, and informational signs.

Package of steel square sign post:

  • Square sign post package
Square Sign Post package.
YP-6: HEBEI JINSH Square sign post package.
YP-7: HEBEI JINSH Square sign post package.

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