Cost Effective Welded Cattle Fence Is The Best Choice for Your Farms

Welded cattle fence is also called welded wire mesh fence or horse fence and it is made from carbon steel or stainless steel wire. The wire is welded after galvanizing. Due to its high strength, adaptability and abrasion, corrosion resistance, welded cattle fence is extensively applied to farms, grasslands, gardens, pastures. Plants and livestock can benefit greatly from cattle fence.

Under the trees, there is a big shelter divided by welded cattle fence into two parts.
WCF-01: Stainless steel welded cattle fence are durable and can be used for a long time.
There is a welded cattle fence with several rough posts and horizontal rails on the grassland.
WCF-02: Welded cattle fence can keep external harm away.

Specifications of welded cattle fence:

  • Materials: galvanized wire, carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated.
  • Length: 2 m, 5 m, 10 m or customized.
  • Height: 0.5–2 m or customized.
  • Diameter: 1.5 mm – 4 mm.
  • Hole size: 25 mm × 25 mm to 150 mm × 150 mm.

Features of welded cattle fence:

  • High strength.
  • Anti-corrosion, abrasion and pressure.
  • Good flexibility.
  • Good adaptability to various terrains.
  • Light weight.
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Durable and can be used for a long time.

Applications of welded cattle fence:

  • Mainly used in farm, grassland, ranches or animal husbandry.
  • Protect plants and livestock so as to make them keep away from harm and grow better.
In the garden, there is a welded cattle fence and various plants.
WCF-03: Welded cattle fence can be used to train a vine growing plant such as clematis, roses and green beans.
There is a cattle fence with T posts on the grassland.
WCF-04: High strength welded cattle fences with studded T posts are durable and can be used for a long time.
There is a man and a horse in front of the cattle fence and the horse are eating grass.
WCF-05: Welded cattle fence is widely used in the farm to avoid the lose of horses.
Several sheep are in a welded cattle fence and there is a woman beside the fence.
WCF-06: Welded cattle fence can avoid sheep from running around and it is helpful for human to raise them.

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