Various Accessories Help Star Pickets Work Better in Construction Industry

Star picket, also known as y post or steel picket, is a type of steel fence post with three-pointed star end and flat top. Tapered ends makes it easy to install while its plain head is designed for easy hammering the post into the ground. It is widely used in various industries due to its solid structure, light weight, high quality and long service life. It is also applicable to various situations in construction industry, including but not limited to:

  • Hold and secure formwork timbers in preparation of concrete slabs;
  • Support fencing and barricades to cordon off areas;
  • Support temporary fencing & pool fencing;
  • Set up barricade trenches or drop zones.
Star pickets are used to support the orange safety barriers and are installed along the road under construction.

Star pickets support orange safety barrier to protect and warn people from injury.

Star pickets and orange shade cloth are used to circle soils in the construction site.

Steel pickets support shade cloth to prevent soil from blowing off.

Star pickets, orange safety barrier and shade cloth are placed along the forest construction site.

Star pickets support orange safety barrier to block people from entering unauthorized area.

Star pickets are used to hold and secure formwork timbers.

Y post for formwork fixing.


In the course of construction, star pickets can maximize its functions when they are equipped with necessary accessories.

Picket Cap

  • Commonly used to prevent injuries when using steel star piles on site;
  • Applicable to schools, construction sites, farms and road works;
  • High UV resistant plastic;
  • Yellow symbolizes a visual warning;
  • Provide protection to reduce the potential harm to workers if someone falls onto or physically swipes the end point of a picket with a limb;
  • Protect star pickets from rain and other element corrosion.
Two plastic picket caps are displayed from different views.

Picket cap

Orange Safety Barriers

  • Visual barriers for people;
  • Commonly used in construction sites and roadworks;
  • Used as snow fences in some areas.
A roll of orange safety barrier is placed on the ground and the other roll of orange safety barrier is used for construction sites.

Orange safety barrier

Shade Cloth

  • Visual barriers for people;
  • Prevent soils from blowing away;
  • Alternative to orange safety barriers;
  • Commonly used in construction sites and roadworks;
  • Used as silt fences in some places.
A roll of orange shade cloth is displayed.

Shade cloth

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