Y Post with Teeth Grip Wire Mesh Fences Firmly

Different from other Australian style post, Y post with teeth provides the most reliable way of fencing wire attachment by threading the wire through the holds along the post, gripping the wire with is specially designed teeth and preventing it sliding up and down the post. Meanwhile, the great appearance makes it welcomed by Middle East countries, such as Israel, Palestine.

Two black color Y post with teeth on the white gray background.
YPT-01: Black bitumen Y post with teeth.
A detail of teeth and holes on the Y post.
YPT-02: Holes and teeth design is easy to fasten fences and wires.
A detail of cross section of Y post with teeth.
YPT-03 Y shape cross section can be fastened into soil firmly.
Two piece of Y posts with teeth shows top and bottom of post.
Top and bottom of Y post with teeth.


  • Can be used to secure fences of airport, military areas.
  • Support railing of roads and gardens.
  • Secure private factories.


  • Durable and strong.
  • Easy to install and not easy to bend or deform during hammering.
  • Anti-rust surface makes it ideal for being used in humid environments.
  • Prevent the damage of atrocious weather.
  • Maintain-free.
  • Can be removed and reused.


  • Shape: Y shape, with teeth.
  • Material: low carbon steel, rail steel.
  • Surface: black bitumen coated, galvanized.
  • Thickness: 2mm - 6mm depends on your requirements.
  • Package: 10 pieces/bundle, 50 bundles/pallet.


Length(m) 0.45 0.60 0.90 1.35 1.50 1.65 1.80 2.10 2.40
Specification Pieces/mt
1.58 kg/m 1406 1054 703 468 421 386 351 301 263
1.86 kg/m 1195 896 597 398 358 326 299 256 224
1.9 kg/m 1170 877 585 390 351 319 292 251 219
2.04 kg/m 1089 817 545 363 326 297 272 233 204
cross section of some black bitumen coated Y posts in the factory
YPT-04: Cross section of Y post with teeth
bundles of galvanized Y post with teeth
YPT-05: Galvanized Y post with teeth

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