Multifunctional U Posts Support Fences and Traffic Signs

U post, named according to the U-shaped cross section, is a kind of multipurpose HEBEI JINSH star picket which is widely used in USA markets. The holes punched alone the post make sure a reliable attachment to the fencing wire. So it can be used to secure wire mesh fencing, fix plants, even to secure traffic signs, etc.

The U posts can be classified two types: with spade or without spade. The spade welded firmly to the post helps to add fences stability by increasing the contact area to the ground. The post without spade can be much easier hammered into the ground than the one with spade.

Six green color I posts standing on the white background.
UP-01: U post for fastening fences and wires in farm.
A green color and a black color of U channel sign posts on the gray background.
UP-02: U shape sign post for fastening advertising and sign boards on the street.
A detail of tapered bottom of U post.
UP-03: Tapered bottom make the U post easy and fast installation.
A plate is installed on the Green color U post.
UP-04: Plate design for firmly fastening onto the ground.
Holes and hooks are evenly distributed on the green color U post.
UP-05: Hooks and holes for easy fixation of wires and fences.
a silver galvanized U posts used to fix timber fence
UP-06: U post with punched holes along its sides


  • Support wire mesh fences
  • Secure temporary fences, light weight fences, etc.
  • Fix plants, such as tomatoes, grapes and trees
  • Secure agricultural fencing for keeping livestock in and predators out
  • Support traffic signs
  • Even fix timber fences by punching holes on the side of U post (as shown in the picture)


  • Low price but high quality
  • Prevent chipping and bending caused by extreme environment
  • Anti-ultraviolet and ant aging
  • Corrosion resistant and anti-rust
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used for decades
  • Ideal for street corners


  • Shape: U shape, with or without spade
  • Material: low carbon steel, rail steel, etc.
  • Surface: black bitumen coated, galvanized, PVC coated, baked enamel painted, etc.
  • Thickness: 2mm - 6mm depends on your requirements
  • Package: 10 pieces/bundle, 50 bundles/pallet


Length of U post
Light duty 3’ 4’ 5’ 6’
Heavy duty 5’ 6’ 7’ 8’ 9’ 10’
a traffic signboard fixed by green PVC coated U post
UP-07: U post can be used to fix traffic signboard
The galvanized chicken wire is fastened onto the green painted U post.
UP-08: U post can be used to fasten chicken wire.
a peach tree fixed by four green PVC coated U posts
UP-09: U post can be used to fix plants

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