Vineyard Post – Hot Dipped Galvanized or PVC Coating for Durable

A side view of hot dipped galvanized vineyard post with a trellis wire on it.
VP-01: Vineyard post is firm and high strength to hold the trellis wire.

The cost effectiveness of a trellis post or vineyard post is the best evaluated on the basis of its total cost per year of service. Total cost is the cash cost of post plus the labor required to put when it is installed and maintained. Consider all of that, the metal vineyard trellis post is an ideal choice for your vineyard.

Vineyard post, also called vineyard stake, vineyard trellis stake and grape trellis. It is a type of high strength, long service life and little maintenance post for supporting grape and other fruit normal growth in vineyard, orchard, grape manor and agriculture plantation and farming. The vineyard post is popular in European market and American market, such as Spain, France, Chile and so on.

Compared with traditional wooden post, steel vineyard post has far more advantages:

  • High strength. Hot rolled steel strip material supply high strength to withstand high wind and heavy weight of grapes.
  • High corrosion and rust resistance. The vineyard post is commonly made of hot dipped galvanized or PVC coating, which supplies excellent anti-corrosion performance.
  • Easy to install. The installation of vineyard post is very simple, it need no special tools and few labor compared with wooden vineyard post.
  • Good fastening performance. The wire slot along the post provides complete control of trellis wires.
  • Little maintenance. The vineyard post has smooth and bright surface, which needs less maintenance during its long service life.
  • Long service life. The high tensile and quality material and anti-corrosion performance of vineyard post make the post a long service life in good performance.
A cross section of hot dipped galvanized vineyard post.
VP-02: Smooth edge of vineyard post is safe for operation by hand.
A detail of wire slot of vineyard post.
VP-03: Wire slot provides complete control of trellis wires.
A cross section and a side view drawing of vineyard post with part data on the drawing.
VP-04: Vineyard post drawing.

Specifications of vineyard post

  • Material: Q235 low carbon steel.
  • Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized or PVC coating.
  • Post thickness: 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm or 2.5 mm. 1.5 mm is the most common used.
  • Section size: 50 mm × 30 mm, 54 mm × 30 mm, 50 mm × 40 mm, 60 mm × 40 mm.
  • Length: 1.8 m to 2.8 m. commonly is 2.4 m or 2.5 m.
Table 1: Common Specifications of Vineyard Post
Item Thickness Cross Section Size Length
VPS-01 1.2 mm 50 mm × 30 mm 1.8 m – 2.5 m
VPS-02 1.2 mm 54 mm × 30 mm 1.8 m – 2.5 m
VPS-03 1.5 mm 50 mm × 30 mm 1.8 m – 2.8 m
VPS-04 1.5 mm 54 mm × 30 mm 1.8 m – 2.8 m
VPS-05 1.5 mm 50 mm × 40 mm 1.8 m – 2.8 m
VPS-06 1.5 mm 60 mm × 40 mm 1.8 m – 2.8 m
VPS-07 1.8 mm 50 mm × 30 mm 2.0 m – 2.8 m
VPS-08 1.8 mm 54 mm × 30 mm 2.0 m – 2.8 m
VPS-09 1.8 mm 50 mm × 40 mm 2.0 m – 2.8 m
VPS-10 1.8 mm 60 mm × 40 mm 2.0 m – 2.8 m
VPS-11 2.0 mm 54 mm × 30 mm 2.0 m – 2.8 m
VPS-12 2.0 mm 50 mm × 40 mm 2.0 m – 2.8 m
VPS-13 2.0 mm 60 mm × 40 mm 2.0 m – 2.8 m
VPS-14 2.5 mm 50 mm × 40 mm 2.0 m – 3.0 m
VPS-15 2.5 mm 60 mm × 40 mm 2.0 m – 3.0 m
Two sides of hot dipped galvanized vineyard post.
VP-05: Hot dipped galvanized vineyard post.
Two sides of green color PVC coating vineyard post.
VP-06: PVC coating vineyard post.

Package of vineyard post

Vineyard post is commonly packed in pallet and metal strip.

  • The metal strip can keep the vineyard post in their place and fasten them firmly.
  • The metal pallet can protect vineyard post from external impact during long time transportation.
Two bundles of vineyard posts on the truck.
VP-07: Metal strip package can fasten the vineyard posts at their place firmly.
Six pallets of vineyard posts in the container.
VP-08: Metal pallet package can protect vineyard posts from impact.

Applications of vineyard post

The vineyard post is mainly used in vineyard, orchard, grape manor, agriculture plantation and farming. It can supply high strength for normal growth and good harvest.

Except for the vineyard post, the studded T post is also widely used in the vineyard for grapery stake.

A galvanized vineyard post with several trellis wires on the body.
VP-09: Vineyard post for grapes.
Several galvanized vineyard posts are installed in the field.
VP-10: Vineyard post in the field.
Several rolls of galvanized vineyard posts supporting the grape plants in the orchards.
VP-11: Galvanized vineyard post in orchard.
Several black color studded T posts supporting grape plants.
VP-12: Studded T post for supporting grapes.

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