How to install a signpost?

What is the signpost definition?

A signpost is a sign where roads meet that tells you which direction to go in to reach a particular place or different places.

 Where can signposts be found?

Signposts are impossible to miss because they are everywhere! You'll find them on every street corner supporting everything from stop signs and street signs to pedestrian crossing warnings and school zones. Chances are you might have even leaned against a signpost while waiting for the bus. You'll find them along the side of highways with rest stop information, local attractions, state and city boarders, and speed limit postings. Signposts can even be in parking lots, marking designated handicap spots or loading/unloading zones. They're everywhere we look and they're constantly providing us with useful information.

 Are there different styles of sign posts?

 Now we can jump into the different styles of signposts and why we use them. We'll cover two popular styles offered by our Traffic Safety Products division.

Square steel sign postSquare sign post is the most flexible and stable type among all the steel sign post. It has superior torsional stability and telescoping ability. Made of high quality square pipe, the square steel sign post has high strength to be used in the heavy duty applications. The square pipe will be treated in hot dipped galvanized or powder coated to improve the corrosion and rust performance and extend service life. Besides, the square posts can be made into various colors according to RAL colors to decorate the environments and blend with surrounding environments.

U-channel sign post -This type U channel sign post has lighter weight and simple structure to be used for supporting light sign boards or advertisement boards for temporary purpose. It should be erected on places where is without high wind or other external forces.

How to install a signpost?

The simplest way to install a signpost would be to drive it directly into the ground. Once it's securely in the ground, any kind of sign can be attached to it. Signposts can also be attached to surface mount bases and then drilled into concrete. This gives the signpost and sign more stability. Finally, signposts can be attached to portable bases. These bases can then be moved around to different locations and are used in places like Parking Lots, construction zones or places where there is temporary parking like concerts or picnics.

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