Two Main Factors Affect the Selection of Star Pickets

Star pickets are commonly used in farms and construction sites. How to choose a star picket that suits your application? Here we’d like to discuss it from the following aspects.

  • Surface Treatment

    We have both galvanized pickets and black bitumen coated star pickets. You can choose an appropriate surface treatment according to your specific application and requirements. The advantages of black bitumen coated surface treatment and hot dip galvanized surface are respectively shown as follows.

    • Black bitumen coated

      It is suitable for high temperature, humidity, chemical, air pollution, seasides and other corrosive environments.


      • Short drying period;
      • Great corrosion resistance and excellent weather resistance.
    • Hot-dip galvanized

      Hot dip galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating on star pickets. Place the star pickets in a molten zinc bath after the product manufacturing finished so that all edges of the product are protected by the coating.


      • It provides a protective coating to help prevent y posts from rust;
      • It helps to extend the service life of star pickets.
    A pallet of properly packaged black bitumen coated star pickets is displayed.

    Black bitumen coated star pickets

    A pallet of well-packaged galvanized star pickets is displayed.

    Galvanized star pickets

  • Specification

    We produce various specification of y posts to meet different application demands. Here below is the general specification of our star pickets for general purpose.

    General Specifications of Star Pickets
    MEAS. 2.04 kg/m 1.90 kg/m 1.86 kg/m 1.58 kg/m
    Width (20–22 mm) × (20–22 mm) × (30–32 mm)
    Thickness 2.5–3.2 mm
    Length 0.45 m 0.60 m 0.90 m 1.35 m 1.50 m 1.65 m 1.80 m 2.10 m
    Holes (AU) 2 3 5 11 14 14 14 7
    Holes (NZ) 7 7 7 8
    Surface Treatment Hot dipped galvanized or black bitumen coated

When you choose y posts, you can consider two factors aforesaid and choose y posts suitable for your application quickly. If you still wonder how to choose y posts, you can tell us your applications and requirements directly, we will recommend the most suitable y posts accordingly.