Preparation Works We Need to Do Before Star Picket Installation

Star pickets installation site

Star pickets are used for various purposes from surveying marks, fixing structures, raising animals, marking potential excavations to beautifying the environment. Installing star pickets on ground for common activities is a seemingly low risk activity. However, regardless of type or length of the star picket, the penetration of the ground during installation imposes a potential threat to underground services like puncturing cables, and may cause personal injury. In order to minimize the damage of star pickets during installation, we shall start from the following aspects to ensure the specification use of star pickets and underground safety.

  1. Planning
    Before any installation, we shall conduct a field visit to the installation site and make a plan in advance to ensure that we can take correct safety measures in a timely and effective manner.
  2. Preparation
    We shall begin our preparations according to the plan we made and expected results to be achieved. Use on site devices to look for underground infrastructure clues, such as using marker posts, meters and locators for electronic positioning.
  3. Potholing
    We can determine the exact location of the underground infrastructure through electronic positioning, and then conduct excavation in accordance with local laws and regulations if permitted.
  4. Protective Measures
    Before excavation, we shall take various measures to protect the infrastructure, such as communicating with all staff on site, erecting barriers or marking the location of the exposed infrastructure.
  5. Proceeding
    Excavation can be carried out only when plan, preparation and pothole are completed and effective measures are taken. Before digging, we shall make sure that those who live or work around the underground infrastructure are protected and well informed.

In this way, the preliminary installation preparation work is completed. It helps us not only avoid safety problems but also get familiar with the underground conditions of our environment. Then we can proceed to the next step without worries.

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