Various Star Pickets & Accessories for Agriculture & Farm Uses

Star picket, also known as y post or steel picket, is a type of steel fence post that is widely used in agriculture applications and farms due to its solid structure, lightweight, high quality and long service life. It is mainly used to:

  • Support the plant climbing
  • Support chicken wires for farm fence
  • Prevent intruders from destroying crops
  • Protect livestock in the farm
  • Support field fence or barbed wires for boundary lines
Y posts are supporting the seedbed in the garden.

Y posts are used to support the seedbed.

Star pickets are placed around the farm.

Star pickets for farms

Steel pickets are placed in rural areas to prevent pedestrians from entering.

Steel pickets for rural areas

Star pickets are used to protect boundary lines.

Star pickets for boundary line protection


Providing customers with safe, reliable products and services is always our top priority. Therefore, we also provide a wide range of fences and accessories to match up with your one-stop purchase of star pickets. In agricultural applications, picket caps, fence stays, barbed wires and field fences are commonly used to match up with star pickets.

Fence Stays

  • Spiral fence stays and put them onto the barbed wire fence between star pickets to tighten the barbed wire fence;
  • Keep barbed wire line trimmed and evenly spaced;
  • Improve the stability and durability of barbed wire fence;
  • Prevent horses, cattle and other livestock from climbing or walking out of the pens;
  • Various lengths (24" to 60") to adapt to different heights of barbed wire fences.
A bunch of fence stays that works with y posts are displayed.

Fence stays

Barbed Wires

  • Used in farms and ranch for rearing livestock;
  • Used for security applications;
  • Single or double strand for different budgets and security grades;
  • Galvanized, PVC coated and stainless steel materials are available.
A coil of barbed wires that works with steel pickets is displayed.

Barbed wire

Field Fence

  • Used in farms or agriculture applications;
  • Prevent livestock from escaping and keep order;
  • Prevent intruders from destroying crops;
  • Galvanized steel wires are durable and strong;
  • Hinge joint and fixed knots are available;
  • Various heights for different uses.
A roll of field fence that works with star pickets is displayed.

Field fence

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