Necessary Tools & Steps for Star Picket Installation in Farms

Star Pickets are widely used in construction sites, vegetable gardens, boundary lines and farms. Here we’d like to introduce necessary tools for star picket installation and installation steps in farms.

  1. Prepare the material you need.

    Before proceeding with the installation, we need to get necessary accessories well prepared. Our commonly used accessories include post pullers, post drivers, post clips, metal wires, barbed wiers and fence fields.

    • Post puller

      Made of zinc-impregnated steel, it provides a maximum 10 cm lift with each pull, and ensures it can remove fence posts that need to be replaced easily. The anti-rust powder coating protect the puller from corrosive elements. It is mainly used for replacing star pickets.

    • Post driver

      It is made of a section of hollow steel pipe with one end closed and the one end open like a sleeve. In addition, it has handles on both sides to allow your hands hold on and operate the puller easily. First put the puller on the top of the star picket and then you can install the y post with minimum effort, making the installation simple, time-saving, safe and reliable.

    • Post clips

      There are a variety of post clips. It is mainly used for the fixation between metal wire, barbed wire, field fence and star picket to form a closed farm. It enjoys a long service life and excellent corrosion resistance performance.

    • Metal wires, barbed wires, fence stays & field fence

      Metal wires, barbed wires, fence stays and field fences are used to connect star pickets together to form a closed structure to prevent animals from entering or running out and protect crops from destroying.

    An orange y post puller is displayed.

    Y post puller

    A red y post driver is displayed.

    Y post driver

    A post clip for star picket connection is displayed.

    Post clips for star picket connection

    A coil of metal wire is displayed.

    Metal wire

    A coil of barbed wire is displayed.

    Barbed wire

    Two bundles and four fence stays are displayed.

    Fence stays

    Several rolls of galvanized field fences are displayed.

    Field fence

  2. Install Y posts.

    1. Decide how far you would like to set between y posts according to the size of your installation site. Typically, fence posts are spaced within 6' – 8'.
    2. When installing y posts, make sure that about 1/3 of each post is buried in the ground, which helps y posts endure heavy weight and strong winds.
    3. Put the post driver on the top of the y post, and install it on the ground.
    4. When installing field fence, metal wires and barbed wires, they are installed in different ways and accessories used also vary accordingly. You may choose the following installation method based on the materials you selected.
      • Metal wire installation

        Make the metal wire pass through the star picket fixing holes and secure it with post clips. If you want to keep metal wires straight, you may add a fence stay vertically in the middle part. Some wire fences are equipped with barbed wires at the top of the wire fence or alternatively used with barbed wire. Barbed wire installed must be fixed with post clips.

      • Field fence installation

        First, place the field fence in a proper position along the star picket. And then make post clips pass through star picket prepared holes and secure with field fence. Generally, a barbed wire is added to the top of the field fence. Stretch the barbed wire , place it in the top notch and then secure the barbed wire with post clips.

      Metal wires go through the star pickets and forms a closed farm structure.

      Metal wire installation

      Fence field and star pickets are connected together to form a closed farm structure.

      Field fence installation

    5. When the installation is finished, check whether the y post is perpendicular to the ground to avoid inclining.

It can be seen that the installation of y post is very simple and convenient as long as we master the correct method. We are a professional fence post manufacturer. We can provide not only y posts, but also t posts, round posts, square posts and peach shape posts for you to choose from. We have fence posts that are suitable for many applications. If you are looking for fence posts, please contact us immediately. We will offer you the most suitable and economical fence posts for your application to help you save your time and budget.

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