Why Australian Prefer Star Pickets for Fencing Connection?

Star pickets are widely used in various agriculture applications to prevent intruders from destroying crops. Besides, it is also a perfect choice for farms to prevent animals from escaping. As there are a vast range of farmlands and a large number of farms in Australia & New Zealand, making star picket a popular choice in these regions.

What is A Star Picket?

Star picket, also known as y post or steel picket, is a type of steel fence post with three-pointed star end and flat top. It is widely used in farms, construction sites and urban areas in Australia & New Zealand regions.

Two black bitumen painting star pickets are displayed.

Star pickets

Y posts and field fence are used to protect crops the fence.

Y post for crop protection

Why do they prefer star pickets?

  • Various specifications & accessories
    We have various specifications of star pickets for different uses. In addition, we also provide various supporting post caps and accessories for you to choose from.
  • Superior high-quality raw materials
    Compared with other fence posts, star pickets have the following advantages. Wooden posts are prone to be broken, rotten or eaten by termites while star pickets are free from these damages. Made of high-quality steel makes it more durable and perform much better than traditional wood or concrete fence posts. Due to its high quality, star picket enjoys a long lasting service life for decades.
  • Advantages over other metal posts
    Metal is easy to rust. However, star pickets are generally coated with high-quality zinc coating and black bitumen coating, which enables y posts have excellent corrosion resistance. and protect it from ultraviolet rays.
  • A cost-effective choice
    Raw materials for y post are durable and economical, reducing your maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Quick and easy installation
    All you need to do is to hammer y posts into the ground with a manual or pneumatic post driver.

If you are looking for superior y posts, please contact us directly. we will provide you with the most suitable star pickets for your application. Our rich experience in y posts ensures that you can get superior y posts and best services to save your time and budget.

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